Places to Stay in Hanoi

Among thousands of choices to stay in Hanoi, the most important thing to do is finding an affordable places to stay in Hanoi. Here are some best options that visitors can consider to stay during the trip to Hanoi.

  • 4- 5 star hotels are the safest places to stay in Hanoi if you’re not on a tight budget. Just like in any other country, international luxury hotels have beautiful rooms, gyms, and nice restaurants. They can range anywhere from $50-$200 per night. Agoda or are usually the two sources that I go for 
  • Airbnb: From $5-$30, you can stay at beautiful residential homes, private rooms or in the whole villa in many cities in Vietnam. There are many options for you in airnbn
  • Hostels: If you are looking for a social backpacker vibe and budget friendly staying, you can check out many hostels here in Vietnam. Check out this article to learn more. Since hostels are communal accommodation, be cautious about your belongings.
  • Homestays are one of accommodation places where you stay with ethnic people, very popular in the northern part of Vietnam, especially Hanoi. You will stay in a bamboo house, sleep in wooden beds, and get a view of rice fields. It’s a great way to support the community based tourism, protect the environment, and help the minority group’s economy.
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