Van is a Vietnamese businesswoman and an ethical travel creator who loves connecting people through understanding different cultures. She was born and raised in Vietnam and has lived in the U.S. for 7 years. After working as a marketing manager for two years, Van took a leap of faith to become a full-time traveler. During her time in America, she realized that many people only knew Vietnam through Pho and the war. She decided to return to her homeland to introduce hidden gems, local food, and Vietnamese culture to the world. She is also passionate about helping people discover their potential and motivating them to establish their financial independence as digital nomads. Furthermore, as a petite woman standing at just 5‘ tall, she inspires others through her chic minimal fashion to promote the beauty of women’s bodies and self-confidence. That’s a reason why she loves Ao Dai, a minimal yet elegant Vietnamese traditional garment. Aside from her work, you’ll usually find her napping at random places (besides eating, she loves sleeping). If she is awake, she usually spends time with people she loves, goes to her favorite coffee shops to read, and practices kickboxing. Her favorite quote is “All is well” from her favorite movie 3 Idiots.

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