Saigon in Depth


4 hours 30 minutes


8:00 - 12:30 / 13:30 - 18:00


Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as preferred by many people, has always been a travel hub. Once regarded as the jewel of the Far East, Saigon has a lot to offer for tourists from the hidden aspect of history to the bustling local life, from the sacred temple to delicious cuisine, we’ve got you all covered!


Hop on the motorbike or a car, you will explore the hidden things in Saigon. Even though Pho has long gained worldwide recognition, when it comes to tasty noodle soups, Vietnam still has a lot more to offer. If you have gotten familiar with the delicious blend of soft beef and aromatic broth in pho and want to try something similar but stronger or more unique, Bun bo Hue is the thing.

Then, an oasis of old Saigon in the heart of modern Ho Chi Minh is waiting for you. One of the old buildings in Saigon will show you how they survived during the Vietnam war with its long story.

Experience vibrant and authentic local life is the next destination. The most highlight of the local life is the market. A local market was formed amidst those alleys and survived 2 major wars and still preserves its unique characteristics until today.

The most famous thing that makes foreigners know about Saigon, as well as Vietnam, is the Vietnam war. Also, it seems that 1968 saw the biggest offense and uprising of NLF and NVA against the Saigon government. To prepare for the Tet offensive 1968, the headquarters of subdivision 6 orders the commandos to build secret bunkers inside the city to hide troops and weapons so that we will lead you to one of them.

Reliving one of the most emotional moments of the war related to a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection.

Heading to Cho Lon area, which was known as the ChinaTown in Ho Chi Minh, you will get to know more about the culture of people here by visiting hidden temples, and walking along the lanterns street, together with the Eastern medicine street.

Finally, you will enjoy a home-cooked lunch because there is no better way to taste real Vietnamese food than at a local home. Join us in a local home and enjoy a hearty meal cooked by sweet Vietnamese grannies. We believe the delicious food will fill your stomach while their hospitality will warm your heart. A perfect highlight to end an amazing day!



All expenses are inclusive, no hidden costs, no shopping spots


Personal spend, some small tip if the guide make your day (optional)

What to bring

You should prepare some sunscreen for the day, unless you wanna become lobsters :)))

For the long ride, we always recommend trousers and long sleeved shirts, along with sandals or sneakers to protect yourself from the heat – just make sure that you don’t mind getting them a bit dirty/wet.

A pair of sunglasses will help, as with a small personal bag to keep your belongings.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, there are lots of beautiful and interesting things to capture for the whole day.

Pricing: From $65/ person