Cu Chi Tunnel Adventure


Worried that the Cu Chi tunnels are a tourist trap and not worth visiting? Not where we take you. We don’t like big crowds either, so we’re bringing you to a lesser-known part of the tunnel system so you can reflect on this important period in Vietnam’s history without a hurry. The adventure you’re signing up for is off-the-beaten-path, personalized, and enriching–it’s everything you want your trip to be and then some.


We highly recommend you do the motorbike option as the routes we found will go on some small alleys, get close to nature and try to stay away from the busy traffic, it would be a greater experience compared to the car option. Still, for those who prefer clean, safe, and faster, a car option is always available. Here is the detailed itinerary :

  • 7:00am: Our guide will pick you up at your accommodation, then we will take the ride about 45mins to go outside the city. We will stop for breakfast and coffee to make sure you have enough energy for the long day
  • Next, we will visit the local family where they make thin noodles, which we’re called Hu Tieu, prevalent noodles that Vietnamese eats every day.
  • We will ride through many farms, ride paddies, and small rivers and there will be lots of chances for you to take some good photos.
  • We also ride through and visit the rubber plantations, understanding more about how rubber is made in Vietnam
  • Resting stop, we can have some local drinks, such as sugarcane juice or coconut, and a place for you to go restroom if needed
  • Keep riding through the countryside roads, you will see many cows and buffaloes on the way too.
  • After that, we will arrive at the Cu Chi Tunnel around 11:00 am, we will spend around 2hrs to understand more about the history and how people live during that time. A must-see thing while in Ho Chi Minh
  • After the tunnels, we will stop at a local family for lunch, a Vietnamese-style meal. – after lunch, we will ride back to HCMC, and another rest stop for coffee or water, then we will return to HCMC around 5:00 pm.

What to bring

You should prepare some sunscreen for the day unless you want to turn into lobsters :)))

For the long ride, we always recommend trousers and long-sleeved shirts, along with sandals or sneakers to protect yourself from the heat – make sure you don’t mind getting them a bit dirty/wet.

A pair of sunglasses will help, as with a small personal bag to keep your belongings.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, there are lots of beautiful and exciting things to capture for the whole day.

Pricing: From $80/ person